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Seven reasons to eat eggs. (Mental Floss)

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"While others might imagine we're missing out on life by not stacking it up with more activities, I feel we're allowing ourselves just the right amount of space to actually live it." (Mr. Money Mustache)

Tips on cooling your home that are actually practical for the average schmoe like you or me. (Washington Post)

Seven reasons (((SCIENCE!))) is in big trouble. (Vox)

There is a gigantic reproducibility crisis in science. (Nature)

There has never been a better time to be an autodidact. (Psychology Today)

A crash course in logical fallacies. See in particular "causal reductionism." (Farnam Street)

What everybody gets wrong about antidepressants. (Business Insider)

TV shows today seem to prefer alienating their viewers. (The Ringer)

The millennial generation is the least entrepreneurial generation ever. Why? (Atlantic)

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