CK Links--Friday August 12, 2016


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The largest obstacle between a person and a home-cooked meal is not simply free time or money: it's fear of failure. (A Couple Cooks)

My secret to getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight in five months. (Stonesoup)

Overzealous milk inspectors interfering with your food freedom. (Food Renegade)

Related: Raw milk, the irony. (Casual Kitchen)

Highly insightful thoughts on decluttering. (Ombailamos)

"Since I've started this blog, I've worried about our industrial food system, household products, and everything in between that's been linked to cancer. I was fearful." (My Humble Kitchen)

Intriguing article on the decline in cadaver donations to medical schools. (National Geographic)

Excellent, excellent advice here on writing better. (Medium)

The very high cost of prestige. (Fortune Financial)

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