CK Links--Friday September 2, 2016


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Not so fast: the Berkeley soda tax isn't working after all. Worse, it's making Berkeley residents worse off. (Jayson Lusk)

Bonus: Intriguing data on food spending at households that go partial vegetarian. Not what I expected! (Jayson Lusk)

If my homemade mayo supposedly lasts only three days in the fridge, how come I'm still alive despite eating two-week old mayo on a regular basis for years? (Stonesoup)

Knife sharpening 101. (Home Ec 101)

Email is most helpful when used in this one way. (Cal Newport)

Interesting post on pain meds, and why so many patients are trying to get more of them. (A Country Doctor Writes)

Reaching your goals, including your financial goals, with "appropriate fear." (Fortune Financial Advisors)

A simple system--requiring only a little diligence and small pockets of time--to read 50 books a year. (Zapier)

Your first reaction is probably wrong. Or worse, knee-jerk. (Derek Sivers)

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