CK Links--Friday October 14, 2016


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Now that the world is awash in BS health claims, can we teach kids to spot them? (Vox)

Useful summary of the pros and cons of a ketogenic diet. (Washington Post)

Purple proseur Michael Pollan seems angry. Why? Because Obama didn't follow any of Pollan's agri-intellectual advice. (New York Times)

Orange juice: the great con. (Business Insider)

Related: How to eat an "antifragile" diet. (Casual Kitchen)

How to read an entire book in a single day. (Lifehacker)

Luxury brands are a mess. (Grant McCracken)

The potbelly of ignornance. (Medium)

Ineptitude is a bigger problem than incompetence. Good, useful discussion. (Vox)

Cultivating boredom. (Big Think)

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