CK Links--Friday October 7, 2016


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Why is milk at the back of the grocery store? (Jayson Lusk)

Fast food sales are falling--and CK readers will like the reason why. (Business Insider)

Related: Wait: if restaurant spending now exceeds in-home food spending, why do people say it "costs too much" to eat healthy? (Casual Kitchen)

Why industrial farming is good for the environment. (New York Times)

"Almost nobody really wants advice to the level of following through. They want to complain, to feel validated, but fewer than 1 in 1,000 actually want to change their behavior. It took me 10 years to truly internalize this." (I Will Teach)

Robert Greene on Stoicism and amor fati. (The Daily Stoic)

Readers, the past week I dug up the site One Hundred Pushups (from a Friday Links Post from waaaay back in the archives) and began the program once again to increase the max number of pushups I can do. Join me! (One Hundred Pushups)

Twenty exceptional aphorisms from Nicholas Taleb's book The Bed of Procrustes. (Farnam Street)

Quit social media! (Cal Newport, via 50 by 25)

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