Cracked Eggs and False Advertising

A really quick one today about the ironies of life:

Ever since I posted How to Make a Perfectly Boiled Egg Every Time, I have screwed up boiling eggs. I'd had a months-long streak of uncracked, easily-peeled eggs with no problems. But of course, within minutes of publishing that post, I started on a downward spiral of failed egg boiling. I've been batting less than .500 for more than two weeks now--I wouldn't even qualify for the cooking minor leagues with that kind of cracking average.

Even my wife is considering suing me for false advertising!

Let's hope this phenomenon doesn't repeat itself when I launch my investing blog.... :)


Bethany said...

Don't worry Dan... I haven't screwed up a boiled egg since your post! :) Bethany

Anonymous said...

I have boiled a lot of eggs in my day. Several dozen for dying every Easter, and then more in the summer when we are bored and decide to pretend it's Easter. Your tips are very helpful, but in my opinion, some eggs just have harder shells, and some are easier to peel than others. It has to do with what the hens are eating. Eat your calcium, hens!