Pasta With Ken's

This is something I make on the weekends for lunch if neither of us is really up for cooking. It tastes great, it's laughably cheap, it's relatively healthy, and it's a great source of carbs for energy. Best of all, it takes almost no time to cook.

Basically this recipe is so simple that it can't really even be described in traditional "recipe format." Just cook up some pasta, drain off the water, and then add some Ken's Steak House Caeser salad dressing to the pasta. Make sure to go easy on the dressing at first and don't add too much--this tastes best with a light-to-moderating coating of Ken's.

Then add a few generous shakes of one of my favorite non-alcoholic beverages, Tabasco. Give it a couple of good stirs and you're done! You can eat it right out of the sauce pan for maximum expedience.

Any kind of pasta will do. We tend to favor linguine or thin spaghetti in our household.

Granted this isn't exactly a balanced dish or anything, so you can't eat this every meal for weeks on end. But once or twice a week this is a great way to cut corners for an easy and quick meal.

Also, you can use this as a base for a a more complex "pasta salad" by adding pieces of hard cheese and fresh vegetables. Chopped green peppers, tomatoes, celery, red onions, fresh spinach leaves, sun-dried tomatoes... any of these could work well in the dish.

Today, however, I'm just looking for some fuel to last me until dinner, so making a whole pasta salad sure sounds like a lot of work. But the option's there if you want it.


Anonymous said...

You are excused for this one....

Unknown said...

My go-to method for making a meal more complete when I DO NOT want to cook is to throw in a package of frozen veggies with the pasta a couple of minutes before it is done, just so they thaw and warm through a bit.
No extra pots to wash, and you just toss pasta, veggies and, all with pesto, peanut sauce tomatoes, or Ken's dressing. It makes me feel as if I am being a responsible meal provider and I believe my kids eat more veggies if they are mixed in.

Daniel said...

A great idea Rachel, I love your suggestion. Thanks for sharing!