Chocoholics Anonymous: The Chocolate Fast, Day 13

Just a quick update on my chocolate fast now that I'm approaching the two week mark. I'm in utterly uncharted territory now. This is by far the longest I've ever gone without chocolate.

And remember how I claimed that this would be the longest month of my life? So far, it's really only been the second longest month of my life, right behind March 1990, when I had my wisdom teeth pulled (update: it has since become the third longest month of my life--the new first-place entry is February 2009, when I contracted adult-onset chicken pox).

So in that optimistic spirit, I thought I'd share a few of the experiences that I've had since I've been "on the wagon."

1) This is a conversation Laura and I had over the weekend, while I was struggling through Day 9 (not that I'm counting or anything):

Dan: Laura, I really want some chocolate--
Laura [interrupting]: Toughen up!

2) On Monday, one of my coworkers planted one of those evil foil-wrapped Dove dark chocolate squares on my keyboard. He thought it was funny. Definitely an unexpected liability of sharing this blog with colleagues at work.

3) And finally, two days ago I received a housewarming gift (from two wonderful Belgians who spent a couple of days with us) of an enormous bag of several different kinds of Belgian chocolates. Oh, the sheer TORTURE of it all! We all had a good laugh about my chocolate fast--although I was making one of those forced, phony-sounding laughs. I was busy plotting how I could sneak some without anybody finding out....


Anonymous said...

Dan, why are you on a chocolate fast? This is not Lent. Is this a character building exercise?
Phyllis J.

Daniel said...

Initially it was both a character building exercise AND a reaction to some mindless eating I did a few weeks ago.

See here:

But now I'm beginning to think I'm on this "fast" because I'm a durn fool who doesn't know to come in out of the rain.


Anonymous said...

Maybe carob would taste better now....

Daniel said...


Oh man. Reminds me of those days back in Ithaca, surrounded by strident vegetarians.

I think they even had carob bagels at the Ithaca bakery. Yech. :)