Chocoholics Anonymous: The Chocolate Fast, Day 24

Only six more days to go. I'm pretty sure I can finish. But it doesn't seem to be getting any easier.

At my family reunion this weekend I was able to restrain myself, despite the fact that several unnamed members of my extended family took perverse pleasure in doing things like waving handfuls of M&Ms in front of my face. :) Don't worry, I thought it was pretty funny.

But now that I'm back home with nothing to do this evening, that pathological craving for chocolate has returned. And it's overwhelming.

Worse, there's a bag of Ghirardelli chocolates sitting in the fridge right now--only a few steps away from me. Ironically it was a gift from a friend of mine to be eaten when I break the fast.

Note to self: this whole chocolate fast thing is a great way to score free chocolate.

I know I can make it through the 30 days. But I now understand that this--THIS is privation. I'd better go brush my teeth.

Finally, let me share some more rather blunt feedback on the Chocolate fast:

From a reader in New Zealand: What the hell were you thinking?

From our friend Tatyana (best if said with a Russian accent): Why would you do this? Why would you suffer like this? What is the point?

I'm beginning to wonder the same thing!

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Anonymous said...

We want a post about day 31!!