How to Live Forever in Ten Easy Steps: Step 9

Welcome to Step 9 of How to Live Forever in Ten Easy Steps:


9) Cut Back on Your Alcohol Intake.
Note that I didn't say cut your alcohol intake down to zero. Life just wouldn't be worth living under those terms.

We stick to drinking alcohol about three times a week, usually in the form of red wine, but also in the form of various mixed drinks. A little drinking is a healthy thing, especially when it involves red wine and all of its cardiovascular benefits. In fact my brother in law conducted his own highly successful personal experiment with the so-called French Paradox, and after more than a year of nearly constant cheese eating balanced out with not-quite-constant red wine drinking, he came back across the Atlantic with dramatically lower cholesterol numbers.

But while alcohol, in any of its forms, is one of the great analgesics in life, it is also one of the worst sources of empty and fattening calories. And certainly any consistent and heavy alcohol overindulgence carries even more serious long term risks.

Finally: Step 10: Indulge a Little

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