Blog Improvement 101: CK Food Links--Friday December 19, 2008

Today's links post is ten of the best articles on blogging that I've found over the past year. I find myself referring to many of these articles repeatedly in my efforts to improve Casual Kitchen.

Hey, New Year's is only a couple of weeks away--what are your plans and goals for making your blog even better in 2009?

1) 50 Ways to Take Your Blog to the Next Level from
2) 20 Types of Pages that Every Blogger Should Consider from Problogger (I particularly liked the "sneeze page")
3) Eight Steps to a More Professional Blogspot Blog from Downloadsquad
4) SEO: Metrics that Matter from Practical eCommerce
5) 10 Mistakes that Could be Killing Your Blog from Write to Done
6) Seven Ways to Help Your Blogging Friends from The Simple Dollar
7) How to Build a High-Traffic Blog from
8) How to Create Real Value from
9) Nine Ways to Jumpstart Your Writing Goal from Dumb Little Man
10) Seven Can't-Miss Ways to Kick-Start the Writing Habit from Freelance Folder

Readers, are there any other articles that I've missed that you think are worth sharing?

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Amanda said...

Wow--that's a great list of articles! Thanks for linking to these--I'll be going over them for some ideas!

Granite Countertop said...

These are quite comprehensive links, look forward to casual kitchen having posts on regular basis.