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I'd like to welcome all the Chicago Sun-Times readers visiting Casual Kitchen. Since most of you are new here, this list of some of Casual Kitchen's key articles will give you a good sense of what this blog is all about:

Creative ways to save money in your kitchen:
Ten Tips to Save Money on Spices and Seasonings
Ten Tips on How to Cut Your Food Budget Using the 80/20 Rule
A Recession-Proof Guide to Saving Money on Food
Mastering Kitchen Setup Costs: The Economics of Cooking
How to Enjoy Wine On A Budget
How to Start a Casual and Inexpensive Wine Tasting Club

Cooking strategies and tactics:
How to Tell if a Recipe is Worth Cooking With Five Easy Questions
The How to Modify a Recipe Series,
Part 1, Part 2: The Six Rules and Part 3
How to Apply the 80/20 Rule to Cooking
More Applications of the 80/20 Rule to Diet, Food and Cooking
The Dinner Party: 10 Tips to Make Cooking for Company Fun and Easy
Seven Rules To Ensure Mistake-Free Cooking
Seven Ways to Get Faster at Cooking

Diet and eating strategies:
Ten Strategies to Stop Mindless Eating
15 Creative Tips to Avoid Holiday Overeating

Other articles of interest:
41 Ways You Can Help the Environment From Your Kitchen
The Problem with Government Food Safety Regulation
Stacked Costs and Second-Order Foods: A New Way to Think About Rising Food Costs

Easy and inexpensive recipe ideas:
11 Really Easy Rice Side Dishes
The Muffin Blogroll: 12 Great Muffin Recipes You'll Love to Bake
The Granola Blogroll: The Ultimate Authority on Great Granola Recipes

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