Cookbook Review: Emeril at the Grill

From time to time, Casual Kitchen receives review copies of new cookbooks. My goal is to warn you away from the bad ones and draw your attention to the good ones. Here's another really good one.
I've always been just a bit intimidated by the grill. So when a review copy of Emeril Lagasse's latest book Emeril at the Grill: A Cookbook for All Seasons arrived in my mailbox the other day, I dug right into it.

And I was impressed. You'll walk away from this cookbook with more than 100 recipes, almost all of which are surprisingly inventive and easy to make. You'll also get plenty of tips and strategies on grilling techniques and even a bonus section of 11 drink recipes.

Because celebrity chefs can't afford to bore their audiences, they typically make their recipes unusual or kitschy at the expense of making them simple or affordable. This makes for great TV, but it also results in difficult recipes that take hours to make and require ingredients you can't find.

Somehow, Emeril Lagasse avoided this trap and figured out how to pump out interesting recipes that aren't a pain the ass to make. It is a crucial gift on display throughout this cookbook.

One final note for the Almost Meatless crowd: Obviously, no one writes a grilling cookbook with vegetarians foremost in mind. But Emeril surprises us once again by including nearly two dozen really good veggie-centered recipes in this book.

You can buy Emeril at the Grill at Amazon for a surprisingly reasonable price of around $16. Highly recommended.

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1 comment:

The Diva on a Diet said...

Wow, this book sounds surprisingly good. If I had access to a grill, I'd certainly consider it. Woe is me ... I don't. :(

I did enjoy reading your review though. :)