CK Food Links--Friday June 5, 2009

Here's yet another selection of particularly interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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Why the Food Establishment is At Fault at Accidental Hedonist
Kate Hopkins is one of the more strident critics of the food industry, and after reading this column, you'll see plenty of reasons why. It makes a great counterpoint to a recent post here at CK where, for once, I actually defended the food industry.

Kumquat Upside-Down Cake at Alexandra's Kitchen
This recipe reminds me of the cakes my Mom used to make when I was a kid--well, except for the kumquats. A fascinating variation on the standard pineapple upside-down cake, accompanied as usual with Alexandra's arresting photography.

How to Tell if a Recipe is Cheap and Healthy Just By Looking At It at Cheap Healthy Good
Lots of excellent rules of thumb from Kris on how to judge a recipe before it's too late and you've already cooked it.

Buttermilk Brined Chicken at Food and Fire
Dave shares yet another really easy recipe with an unusual marinade that will keep your chicken oh-so-tender on the grill.

Get Ready to Grill at Home Ec 101
Great tips from Heather on grilling. See in particular her specifics on using "the hand test" to measure your grill's temperature.

How to Make Hamburger Buns at The Knead for Bread
While we're on the subject of grilling, why not learn how to make your own stunning-looking hamburger buns? You can, using TKFB's free step-by-step directions.

Two Local Food Writers Love Meat at Philadelphia Weekly
So you want to ditch your workaday life and become a food writer, eh? In a ringing review of one of my favorite new cookbooks, the Philly weekly tells the story of how Tara Desmond morphed from cubicle rat to a full-time food writer, and how she came to co-author Almost Meatless.

Is Cooking Without Tasting Senseless? at The Washington City Paper
Reporter Tim Carman is shocked to find that food writer Monica Bhide, author of the highly regarded Indian cookbook Modern Spice. never tastes her food when she cooks. A fascinating article on cross-cultural cooking issues.

Masa Harina Cookies (with Tequila!) at 30 Bucks a Week
Could it be true that there exists a cookie recipe with tequila in it? Proof that there is a god and he is good. PS: Masa harina is a special cornmeal flour that you can usually find in your Latin/Spanish foods aisle. If you can't find it, try substituting very finely ground cornmeal.

When a Corporate Donation Raises Protests at The New York Times
Off-topic but thought-provoking article about an Ohio-based non-profit children's hospital that accepted a $10 million donation from Abercrombie and Fitch, and the controversy it faced when several groups criticized the message sent to children when a children's hospital takes money from a company "known for provocative advertising and revealing clothing." Readers, what do you think? Thanks to The Last Psychiatrist for the link.

Scientific Tattoos at Unique Scoop
Tattoo ideas for those of you out there who want to proclaim your inner geek.

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Heather Solos said...

Thank you so much for linking to the post on grilling.

Daniel said...

Anytime Heather! I think your site is excellent.


Melissa said...

Kate's article was a good one. Her arguments are always very well thought out.

And I love the scientific/geeky tattoos!! That was an awesome scroll through.

Daniel said...

Thanks for the comment Melissa, and as always, thanks for reading.