Casual Kitchen's Top Five of the Month: July 2009

This once-a-month post is for those readers who may not get a chance to read everything here at CK, but who still want to keep up with the best and most widely read articles.
Top Five of the Month for July 2009:

1) If It's So Cheap to Cook at Home, Then Why is My Grocery Bill So Huge?

2) Does Healthy Eating Really Cost Too Much? A Blogger Roundtable

3) The Hummus Blogroll: 16 Easy to Make Hummus Recipes

4) Review: Cooking Green by Kate Heyhoe

5) How Do You Define Truly Great Restaurant Service?

From the Vault: Top Five Posts from One Year Ago:

1) How to Make an Arrabbiata Sauce

2) What's the Most Heavily Used Tool in Our Kitchen? Our Rice Cooker.

3) Favorite Food Photography Links

4) All-Time Least Popular Posts of Casual Kitchen

5) Beef and Beer Stew

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Melissa said...

I just looked at your Top Five Posts from One Year Ago and read "4) All-Time Least Popular Posts of Casual Kitchen"...

I had no idea you liked chocolate so much. I find that personally hard to imagine.

The peppers post was funny. I've had some issues of the same kind, before I knew better and wore gloves all the time. NOT funny.

And I must make the corned beef and cabbage. My mom used to make it the same way in the crock pot once every few months when I was a kid. I had forgotten all about it!

Daniel said...

Hi Melissa, yep, kind of weird to find a top post consisting of unpopular posts, but I guess it's all about how it gets packaged. The last shall be first!


The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

I really enjoyed your post on the high cost of shopping. So much of that is true for me. I can be a big impulse buyer at the grocery store and often come out with things I don't need. Sometimes it's just lack of planning. I go in there thinking, "I need to get something to make for lunch this week" and since I haven't planned what the "something" will be, I go into the store looking to be inspired and end up buying 6 expensive pieces of inspiration.

I also need to stay out of the expesive grocery stores. Yes, I like to splurge on the meats at Whole Paycheck - I mean Whole Foods, but I can get decent produce at cheaper markets, and this time of year, the farmer's markets are brimming with good stuff.

Daniel said...

Hi S(d)OC, thanks for stopping by. You make a great point about the costs of not planning... sometimes just spending ten minutes thinking about what you *really* need before you go to the store can save you quite a bit of money. Grocery stores, after all, are designed almost entirely around capturing our impulse spending dollars. If you know what you want, you're at much less risk of overspending.

Thanks for the feedback!


Amberwitch said...

Just wanted to tell you that since I found your Arrabbiata sauce recipe I've made it numerous times, and enjoyed it very much:-)

Daniel said...

Amberwitch, thank you! Happy to hear it. You might also want to try my Roasted Red Pepper Sauce too, it's quite easy and tastes great. Thanks for stopping by!