CK Friday Links--Friday November 13, 2009

Here's yet another selection of particularly interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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Every cook should consult this two-part series describing every ethical, cultural and medical dietary restriction imaginable: from Atkins to Vegan and from Kosher to Mormon! (Cheap Healthy Good)

Particularly fitting this week, given my ongoing raw foods trial: Descriptions of the different types of raw, raw vegan, and 80/10/10 raw diets, followed by a discussion of the key benefits of going raw. (

How to store fresh eggs long term. (Es*sense Blog)

Buy-local enthusiasts: be wary of localwashing: making something seem local when it's actually not. (Brave New Traveler)

Recipe Links:
Three different kinds of Roasted Pumpkin Seeds. (Cupcake Punk)

An easy way to make your own homemade Chili Powder. (Beach Eats) (Talk about a great way to manage your spice costs!)

Want to reconsider the Brussels sprout? Just add fire and booze: Brussels Meets Brandy. (Christie's Corner)

An intriguing Apple Chutney recipe. (Closet Cooking) Bonus recipe: Cranberry Chutney.

A bonus seasonal recipe post from CK: Fifty Delicious Recipes Containing Apples: (Casual Kitchen).

Off-Topic Links:
Workout ideas when you don't have access to a gym. (Ben Casnocha's Blog)

Show me one person who's excited about extreme early retirement and I will show you five who think it's all about making your own toilet paper. (Early Retirement Extreme)

A flow chart on how to choose a religion. (Note: don't take it too seriously and be sure to enjoy all the indignant comments.) (Holy Kaw!)

Most parental discipline isn't for the kid's benefit--rather, it's to bolster the adult's identity construct of being "a good parent." (The Last Psychiatrist) Bonus post: how the Parents Television Council inadvertently promotes sex on TV.

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Melissa said...

The DIY chile powder idea is so perfect for me right now and I can't imagine why I never thought of it. I have a bunch of chiles from that dear coworker who always gives me goodies from his garden. But I can never use them all in a timely fashion. How fortuitous for me that you linked to her post!

I like both of The Last Psych posts this week too.

And a friend of mine posted that religion flowchart on my FB page a bit ago. Loved it. I believe some of those commenters need to lighten up a bit.

Daniel said...

Thanks for your comment Melissa! I'm always happy to connect good people to good information.

And agreed on The Last Psychiatrist. That blog is excellent exercise for a person's critical thinking muscles. I'm a huge fan.