The Raw Foods Trial: Full Archive

My seven day raw foods trial has turned out to be one of the most widely read and most commented upon features I've ever run here at Casual Kitchen. In order to make the entire series more readable and searchable, I've created a one-page archive with links to all of the relevant posts. Enjoy!

Preliminaries: Before I could start this trial, I first had to stop drinking coffee. Here's the post that I wrote when I realized that I'd found a quick and nearly painless way to kick caffeine addiction:
Speed-Weaning: How to End Your Caffeine Addiction in Just Three Days

The Trial Itself:
Introduction to Raw Foods
Day 1, soaking and sprouting grains and legumes.
Day 2, murdered tea and six meals.
Day 3, dehydration and a green tongue.
Day 4, needing a few extra molars on the first truly difficult day.
Day 5, "crucifyingly" bad greens and barf-colored smoothies.
Day 6, kooky food cravings and getting out of a cooking rut.
Day 7, a 10k race and an annoyed waitress.
Day 8, The Day After Raw, where, strangely, nothing bad happens.

Conclusions/Final Thoughts:
Reader Questions on the Raw Foods Trial
Conclusions from the Raw Foods Trial

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