Retro Sundays

I created the Retro Sundays series to help newer readers easily navigate the very best of this blog's enormous back catalog of content. Each Retro Sundays column serves up a selection of the best articles from this week in history here at Casual Kitchen.

As always, please feel free to explore CK's Recipe Index, the Best Of Casual Kitchen page and my full Index of Posts. You can also receive my updates at Twitter.

This Week in History at Casual Kitchen:

The Crockpot: How I Admitted I Was Wrong in a Cooking Debate (January 2007)
In which I put away my condescending jokes about June Cleaver and grayish overcooked meat and became a convert to the wonders of this simple and wonderful cooking device.

Crockpot Part Two: Recipes and Cooking Sites (January 2007)
Still more resources for slow cooker aficionados.

FAQs of Casual Kitchen (January 2007)
At some point I should update this post so it doesn't make me cringe so much. That being said, however, I'm deeply grateful that my job at the unnamed "enormous financial services company" was so unsatisfying--otherwise I would have never started this blog, or quit working there in mid-2008 in one of the luckiest strokes of dumb luck in my entire life. It's funny how even the crappiest situations often work out for the best in the long run.

Three Easy, Delicious and Inexpensive Homemade Salad Dressing Recipes (January 2008)
Branded salad dressing is unhealthy and a total rip-off. Here's some laughably easy recipes you can make at home instead.

Easy Sopa de Lima (January 2009)
One of the most popular recipes of last year. It's easy, inexpensive and it has a really interesting mix of flavors.

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Karen at the Cape said...

What a coincidence you linked to the homemade salad dressings ... making one of your suggestions has been on my list for a while and just last week I made one. Now that I finally did it...I wish I had done it sooner. It tastes so much better than bottled! There's no going back!

Daniel said...

Thanks for your comment Karen! I'm always overjoyed when I help a reader get out from under poorer-quality and more expensive store-bought products. Thanks as always for reading!