Share Your Best Post of 2010!

Did you write a post or an article for your blog during the past year that you're particularly proud of? One that you'd like to put in front of a wider audience?

Then share it this week with the other readers here at Casual Kitchen!

One of my goals here at CK is to help match up my amazing readers with the many exceptional bloggers and thinkers out there--especially those who ought to be more widely read. It's the reason I created my Friday Links posts, and it's a key reason why I use Twitter. It's also my way of paying it forward to other writers.

Therefore, today I'd like to give the floor to you, dear readers, and give you a chance to use Casual Kitchen to get the word out on your best work from the past year. It's my way of thanking you for your incredible support.

And so, if you have a post you consider among your best of 2010, share it in the comments! It can be your most popular recipe from the year, a great piece of food writing, or even something from outside of the world of food blogs. (And if you're one of the rare bloggers who's too shy to share your own work, feel free to pay it forward and nominate a great post from someone else's blog.)

Here's all you have to do: paste a link to your best post from 2010 in the comments section below, and add an explanatory sentence or two on what your post is about. That's it!

Finally, as Casual Kitchen's fourth (!) year draws to a close, let me take a moment to thank you, my incredible readers, for all your support. The audience here at CK is bigger than ever (we're at 40,000 pageviews a month and over 1,200 RSS feed subscribers--and still growing!). I know I say this often, but it bears repeating: I'm deeply grateful.

So tell me--what would you like to share?

Here's to still more great writing from all of us in 2011!

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Dwane Lay said...

Great idea. Thank you for sharing your platform!

I started blogging seriously this year, and can be found at I work, as you may have guessed, in HR, and on my blog I focus on project management, human interaction and process improvement. Mostly, anyway.

This particular post, though, has nothing to do with any of those things. I wrote it as a guest post, but ended up posting on my own site instead. It was the most popular post on the site this year, and I'd like to share it. Hopefully it will resonate with people here as well.

The title of the post is "Why I Blog. Why You Should, Too." Enjoy!

Laura said...

Hmm, I just went through my old blog posts and I feel like I didn't write anything truly exceptional :( I definitely accomplished some big things, but I think the accomplishments were better than the posts I wrote about them. People got very excited when I broke the world record, but if you didn't follow my journey, it may not be as meaningful (though of course you can go back and read all the archives).

Therefore, I'll pick this one as my favorite for non-readers - hopefully it's at least a little bit inspiring to some people!

If you can dream it, you can do it

Tino said...

Thanks for the opportunity to share! As Dwayne already pointed out, what a great idea.

I write a blog called Exploring Food My Way where I mostly do local northeast Ohio restaurant and food-related reviews. I occasionally throw in a cooking post every now and again, too.

On a much more rare occasion, I will feel compelled to write an essay. This particular one was inspired by the discovery that a very important friendship that had lasted over two decades had finally run its course and come to an end. This was my way of honoring the friendship and getting closure. I hope you enjoy it.

Meat Sauce Memories

Marcia said...

Well, I think this is probably the only one of a few that is CK worthy, and I think I made it to your Friday links with this one.

Cathy said...

I wrote this post about keeping healthy, delicious salads available in the frig all the time:

Angela said...

What a great (and generous) idea! While I have been blogging about the random adventures in my life for 5 years, I started a healthy living/food blog called Test Kitchen Tuesday this year, and my favorite post was on the topic of organics and their cost vs. value. This is a highly debatable topic of course, and I think that is why this is my favorite post.

Are Organics Worth the Cost?

Thank you again for all the work you do with your blog, and for the opportunity to share! Happy Holidays!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Daniel!
I have a blog, Karmic Life that focuses on music and community events here in San Diego. I stepped up my game this year, posting an average of once every 4 days. Thank you for all of the blogging tips.

My favorite post had to be Julian Hard Cider Hoodang or how to make your own cider.

Although a close second would have to be My turn... Top Ten 10 Albums of 2010.

Owlhaven said...

One of my best posts is How to Save Money at Almost Any Store

Thanks for all your work here this year- I always appreciate your posts!!

Mary, mom to many
author Family Feasts for $75 a Week

Lana said...

Thanks, Daniel!
This is such a generous idea.
I started my blog in May, after agonizing and preparing for about five years (yes, I am a techno-peasant). I write about my childhood in Serbia, my family, memories, and food that connects us all.
It was really hard picking the best post (they are all my babies:), but I finally picked one:
A Doctor in the House

L.I.N.D.A. said...

This entry I made is about finding what has stopped you from completing your goal or dream. I called it "living my life likes it's golden. I started writing about 2 months ago because I wanted to let others to have a voice even when they were not willing to speak up. I blog about my life, starting over, and accomplishing goals.

Jon said...


There haven't been many posts on our blog yet, and I'm working on two major entries for 2011, "Why Cook the Classics" and "The Heavy Handed Cook". So in the meantime, check out: Roast Braised in Red Wine, in the Style of Piedmont)

Merry Christmas, Dan - and also to Casual Laura and your Casual Readers!

Stuart Carter said...

For me, my red beans and rice recipe brought together frugality and healthy eating. It is also a "laughably cheap" recipe relying, as it does, on stuff you already have in the house and leftovers :)

Jennifer Galatioto said...

This is about crazy Sicilian old ladies at a funeral.

MarĂ­a said...

Great idea! My favorite post is about being playfully productive:

Make overwhelming tasks affordable 10 minutes a day

Diane said...

In the Spirit of paying-it-forward, I think you'll like this post. Please don't let the title mislead you, it is tongue in cheek. The post is actually about one of the food-related ways I was called on to volunteer at a local hospice house.

Your call for posts was a great idea! I really enjoyed being able to read posts from so many other readers.

Happy holidays!

Barbara l Vino Luci Style said...

As a food blogger, it would typically be hard to determine a 'best post' - would that mean my favorite recipe or some dish that would in some way change someone's life? Probably not.

With some irony though, I just recently decided to start a new section on my blog devoted to family recipes and/or traditions and I put the word out to my many cousins to help.

My first post was the other day and was a recipe that my Grandmother (who, if alive, would be 125 years old!) had included in a church recipe book. My cousins scanned some old photos, I made and photographed the results of the recipe and included some family memories and so I do have, at the very end of the year, my favorite post!

Thanks Daniel for letting me share!

Daniel said...

Some exceptional submissions so far. I'm grateful to have such talented writers reading me here at CK. Keep the posts coming!


Vik Tantry said...

Thanks Daniel! It's been a wonderful year a and a pleasure knowing you.

Here's my post:

Hannah @Cooking Manager said...

Thanks for the opportunity! My site, Cooking Manager, has recipes, reader interviews, and lots of ideas for easy and healthy ways to cook, especially for families. Here's a sample: Thirteen Smart Ways to Manage Your Leftovers.

EmpiricalBaker said...

I did a challenge to create a list post. Since I am obsessed with cupcakes, and more and more it seems the frosting on the cupcakes makes the most difference, I penned How Many Frostings Are There.

Turns out, quite a few!

Anonymous said...

This post had my second largest viewership but it meant the most to me and I think the readers who read and commented on it. It's about carrying on my grandmother's baking tradition even though her six children didn't. And it discusses my epiphany about why her children didn't carry on the traditions. The title of the post is How Did Bubbe Bake It - the Prequel.

Thanks for offering another opportunity to share it.

chacha1 said...

I have already been honored to receive links from you, so it's pure self-aggrandizement to put in another one, but this story appeared on my sister's blog and she says it's one of her "top ten" for the year. :-)

spyderdarling said...

Check out my recipe for Rock'n Roll Porterhouse, first seen on

Milehimama @ Mama Says said...

This post is "my" favorite
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
It's my fave because it represents my personality and humor, but also because it jump-started a dialogue with a huge corporation that led to actual changes for the better. Also it was the cause for my first media interview - with

But...this post is the one that got the most comments!
Amazon Fail

Coincidentally, those were my two most trafficked posts (well, after my how to prepare dried beans post) for the entire year.

My favorite food post is Scalloped Potatoes because it perfectly describes how dinner gets made at my house every night.

(Daniel I hope you forgive my leaving 3 links - I'm disorganized and indecisive!)

Sally said...

Dan, I really enjoyed this. There were some very interesting posts and I found new blogs to follow.

I don't have a blog -- yet. I'm thinking about one for cooking for one plus my thoughts about food/diet. I'm a single empty-nester and cook for myself daily, but I read so many comments on other blogs and hear people say that it's just not worth the effort. I couldn't disagree more! One of the great benefits is that I can cook what I like and don't have to worry about anyone else's likes and dislikes.

Susan Fine said...

I just found Casual Kitchen and am delighted to be here! I look forward to going into the archives and benefiting from all that's there while starting to follow the new blog entries. My blog is at my website:, and the post I want to share is the one that kicked off what was a 12-week project to get into the best shape of my life. Here's the link:

I finished the 12 weeks just about two weeks ago, and while the offical 12 weeks have ended, I remain committed to what I've started and know that this is just the beginning... I haven't felt better than I feel now any time in the past that I can remember. I am also a writer with two young adult books out and another forthcoming in the fall of 2012. Can't wait to read more of CK and I'd love for people to check out what I'm up to on my blog and in my quest for fitness and fulfillment in my 40s. Thanks! Susan Fine