CK Friday Links--Friday July 6, 2012

Here's yet another selection of interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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You've reached your goal weight. Now what? (344 Pounds)

Locavorism is elitist, increases food prices and worsens food insecurity. Strong words from the authors of The Locavore's Dilemma. (Grist)

You can put that in your dishwasher? (Real Simple)

An incredibly useful (and suprisingly non-snarky) Reddit post answering "What is Obamacare and what did it change?" (Reddit)

Recipe Links:
Get ready for summer and fresh corn! Summer Corn Chowder. (Bibberche)

Aloo Matar ... for non-vegetarians. (Alosha's Kitchen)

Wow. Just wow. Savory Strawberry Pizza. (Closet Cooking, via Eats Well With Others)

Off-Topic Links:
The secret of life. (A Country Doctor Writes)

Self-sufficiency. Some people just don't get it. (Brave New Life)

How to talk to human beings. (Coding Horror)

Nine lessons from studying with a monk. (Wake Up World, via Aaron Neilson-Belman)

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Melissa said...

The 344 Pounds post has me researching stuff about maintaining weight loss. I've been going at it very hard (exercise) and will continue to do so probably until I lose 20 more (last?) pounds - I have to be stubborn because it has been a snail's pace for a few months. I guess I'm not in my 20's anymore, dang it. After that, I guess I'll see what happens when I return to a more moderate routine. I think I'll be alright for maintenance because if I know one thing, I know I am eating RIGHT and apparently that's the most common factor with gaining weight back - reverting back to a "normal" diet after some gimmicky or restrictive eating plan. That hasn't happened over here. Obviously. ;)

Thanks for the wonderful links. I read nearly every single one this week!

Daniel said...

Melissa, thank you. And I can't wait to try your Aloo Matar--and for that matter a bunch of other recipes you've been posting lately. You are on fire!