Your Money Or Your Life: The Full Archive

This post contains a complete archive of posts from CK's in-depth, chapter-by-chapter analysis of Your Money or Your Life.

WARNING!! If you don't have a copy of Your Money Or Your Life in your hands, or if you haven't recently read the book, it's entirely possible this series may make next to no sense to you. It's meant as a companion resource to be read alongside the book. Get it. And read it. You won't be disappointed--a careful reading will forever change your relationship with money. I'm serious.

Once again, I'd be truly grateful if you would share this series with anyone who you think might benefit from it. Thank you.


An In-Depth Review of "Your Money Or Your Life"--Intro, Prologue and Preliminaries

Chapter 1: The Money Trap

Chapter 2, Part 1: Calculating Your Real Hourly Wage

Chapter 2, Part 2: Keeping Your Daily Money Log

Chapter 3: Where Is It All Going?

Chapter 4: Answering The Three Transformative Questions

Interlude: What We've Done So Far

Chapter 5: Your Wall Chart

Chapter 6: Valuing Your Life Energy By Minimizing Spending

Chapter 7: Redefining Work

Chapter 8: The Crossover Point

Chapter 9, Part 1: The Fatal Problem with Chapter 9

Chapter 9, Part 2: What To Do With Your Money: Alternatives to Treasury Bonds

Chapter 9, Part 3: Capital, Cushion and Cache

Becoming a Knowledgeable and Sophisticated Investor: Six Tips

The Official "Your Money Or Your Life" Reading List

Your Money Or Your Life: The Ultimate, Final Review

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Matt @ SpoonMatters said...

Dan, I just wanted to say thanks for this wonderful and detailed series. I look forward to reading this book together with my wife after things settle down here a bit, and I plan to walk through each of your chapter reviews again at that time. Even though I couldn't follow along during the series, I read the posts and it has encouraged me to pick up YMOYL soon.

Daniel said...

Matt, thanks. Really appreciate the positive vibes. Keep me posted on your progress!


M2B said...

Thanks for this series. I've been reading, even though I'm many years late to the party! :)
Maybe my library has YMOYL available.

Daniel said...

Great to hear!! Doesn't matter when you start, it matters THAT you start.