CK Friday Links--Friday October 26, 2012

Here's yet another selection of interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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California's GMO labelling bill, Prop 37, is coming down to the wire. Here's a short article that shows why you're totally wrong to vote against it. (Food Renegade)

Does cooking really have to be as hard as the "experts" say it is? (Christie's Corner)

Estimating and calculating your body's protein requirements. (Dietriffic)

Recipe Links:
Release your inner Homer Simpson with this delicious Old-Fashioned Donut recipe. (Christie's Corner, via Owlhaven)

Delicious! Hard Cider and Cabbage Stew. (Cook, Pray, Love)

Off-Topic Links:
Has running road races really become... elitist? (No Meat Athlete)

So what is it about our minds that makes them so disobedient? (Psyblog)

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Kira said...

Thanks for the link!

Sally said...

“Cooking isn’t creative, and it isn’t easy. It’s serious, and it’s hard to do well, just as everything worth doing is damn hard.”

That comment from Chris Kimball made me angry for two reasons: First, Michael Pollan, Mark Bittman, and many others, including you, have pointed out that the first thing we can do to help eliminate the problems we have with food is to get into the kitchen and cook. Many others, including me, keep telling people that it's just not that difficult. And I don't believe it is. He may have people saying "See, I told you it was time-consuming and difficult, so why should I cook?"

Second, it would be easier to take if all the recipes from ATK, CI and CC were keepers -- but they're not. I think it's often a case of perfection being the enemy of the good. Most times good enough is good enough. The extra steps they recommend make the recipe not worth doing. There's a huge difference between doing something well and doing it perfectly (by Chris Kimball's definition).

Daniel said...

I couldn't agree more with your take on that Sally. I think it's pointless and exclusionary to define food and cooking in such a rigid way.


Marcia said...

That quote from Kimball was ridiculous.

I think in many ways, racing is becoming elitist. I raced a lot over the last few years (well, before I got pregnant last year). I've done two triathlons now. Even though tri season has three local ones, I have only done one each year. I just don't need more $120 t-shirts.

We've got some pretty cheap 5k's too. I like the ones where I come in 4th. That's rare. There's even a $35 10-miler. There's no official chip-timing on the cheap races though.

These days I'm happy to go for a walk.