CK Friday Links--Friday December 7, 2012

Welcome back to Friday Links, after a brief, one-month break! Here's yet another selection of interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts.

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This New York Times takedown of Guy Fieri's new Times Square restaurant is by far the cruelest restaurant review ever written. (New York Times)

When hipsters use their food stamps to buy organic salmon. (Salon)

Why eggs are flawless for breakfast. (Dietriffic)

Recipe Links:
At 71c a serving, this easy Red Lentil Stew is hilariously cheap. (Budget Bytes)

Yet another easy, hearty and laughably cheap stew: Chickpea, Spinach and Tomato Stew. (Alosha's Kitchen)

Off-Topic Links:
Those hipsters in the link above? Here's why we're supposed to hate them. (The Last Psychiatrist)

A short lesson in perspective. (Linds Redding, via Monica Bhide)

Guess what? Global population will peak much sooner and at a far lower level than anybody expects. (Aleph Blog)

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Owlhaven said...

I was just thinking of you-- glad you're back! Hope you fit in some fun adventuring!

Anonymous said...

I haven't read the article yet, but once upona time ago, I was a cashier in a grocery store - earing a decent living thanks to union wages.

In our state, "food stamps" are on a credit card & the result, people can buy what ever they want, beans, cheetos, or organic salmon!

Seriously some people were buying better food that I could afford on my pay check!

Daniel said...

Thanks for the kind words Mary! It's great to be back.

Anon: Both the article on food stamps--and the response article from The Last Psychiatrist--are sobering. On many levels. This was obviously never the intended purpose of the program.


Colleen said...

Great articles!

On the flip side of the food stamp debate though as mentioned in the article are the people that buy processed food to feed themeselves and their families. I would much rather see folks eating healthy, which many of us know is less expensive than the other option. One of the grocery stores I shop in caters to low income families, their shopping carts are usually filled with juice drinks, lots of meat and tons of processed food. Most of these people also have weight problems, I personally would rather have them shop like these kids are than to pay the cost for all the kidney transplants later in life due to diabetes...