CK Friday Links--Friday February 8, 2013

Links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts.

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Time to start thinking about spring gardening! Useful posts on no-dig gardening and where to buy heirloom seeds. (Backyard Farming)

What does it mean when a food company "leanwashes" a product? (Leanwashing Index)

Recipe Links:
An addictive homemade Toasted Breadcrumbs recipe (along with an equally addictive recipe for Pasta with Toasted Breadcrumbs, Anchovies, Garlic and Crushed Red Pepper!) (Alexandra's Kitchen)

You can make this Mongolian Chicken recipe in just 20 minutes! (80 Breakfasts)

Award winning Three Bean Chili. (Creative Culinary)

Off-Topic Links:
The human characteristic I value most is resilience. (Social Extinction)

Raising a bilingual child. (Jonathan Craven)

Wall Street hates you. (Aleph Blog)

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Daniel said...

A quick update to readers: the "Raising a Bilingual Child" link is down at the moment--the blogger's site is either down or running too slowly to connect. It's a worthwhile article, so I'm hoping the link will be back up shortly.


The Calico Cat said...

Great list of links, I read 4 (tried the bilingual one too - still down).

I loved the story before the chili, but I lost count when trying to count the number of ingredients - egads! (But now I am headed to my freezer in hops of finding one more of my own frozen containers of chili.)

Daniel said...

Calico Cat, that's a fair point on the number of ingredients. :) I think the spices (there are a lot) kind of skews the recipe and makes it look a little harder than it really is. Also, some of the ingredients (e.g., celery, red pepper, even the lime crema) could be left out without affecting the recipe that much.


Sally said...

I think if I were to make that chili recipe I'd have to decide which ingredients are really essential to an award winning chili. I doubt that all of them are necessary.

I have two recipes for Cincinnati Chili. One has almost as many ingredients as the chili recipe including a wide variety of herbs and spices The other has about a third the number of ingredients. It could be called the minimalist version -- fewer ingredients and tastes equally as good if not better.

I enjoyed the post about the bread crumbs. I've been making my own bread crumbs for several years now. I started at the same time I started making my own bread. I usually keep 1-inch cubes of bread in the freezer. I can use the cubes for croutons, dressing/stuffing, bread pudding or process them for crumbs. I even use them in place of cracker crumbs in some recipes.

Daniel said...

Sally, do you have a link to your Cincinnati Chili recipe(s)?

Also, separately, the Raising a Bilingual Child article is back up again. Well worth reading.


Sally said...

The "minimalist" version is from Cooks Country. The other is one I developed from three other sources: Jane and Michael Stern, Beverly Nye, and Jeff Smith ("The Frugal Gourmet").

I used to think that if I had all the herbs and spices necessary to make that version, I had all the herbs and spices necessary to make almost anything.

I'll email them to you.

The Calico Cat said...

I use the ATK/Cooks Country Cincy Chili - awesome!