CK Friday Links--Friday March 1, 2013

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We were smug about our diets... but after six years of being vegetarian, we slowly and progressively became more ill. (The Independent, via Addicted to Canning)

It turns out that most of our high sodium intake can be boiled down to just ten foods. (Sodium Girl)

Recipe Links:
You'll make this Egg Curry recipe again and again. (A Life of Spice) Bonus: Cumin Rice with Peas.

A One-Bowl Chocolate Cake recipe you can make in 30 minutes. (5 Second Rule)

Off-Topic Links:
"What would you do if you won the lottery?" "I'd be that man." (Social Extinction)

Why you should carefully--very carefully--rethink the value of your time. (Mr. Money Mustache)

Why would anyone choose a hard life? (Erin Pavlina)

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Ronda said...

I have a suggestion. Would you consider making your clickable links open in a new window? I am constantly closing one I have gone to only to realize that I've closed your blog. I usually click through the Friday links quickly until I find one that interests me, and it would be much easier if they opened a new window. Not a big deal, but I'd like it! :)

Daniel said...

Thanks for the feedback Ronda. I have to confess, I don't know how to change that setting, but I'll look into it.

In the mean time, what about just right-clicking and opening a new tab with each link? This is how I usually work through links posts or multiple links in a post that I want to explore.

Curious for feedback from other readers here.


Daniel said...

Success! I've changed the link settings in this post, and I'll also try it for next week to see what other readers think about it.


Sally said...

I like a new window opening when I click on a link. Thanks!

chacha1 said...

"The Meat Fix" interview is interesting. I've never had a diet-based illness (that I know of) but I do know that with a diet high in protein and fat, I have none of the disorders that my doctor considers "normal" for people my age (i.e. 50 becoming visible around the corner).

My personal belief (and practice) is that a holistically healthy lifestyle is considered so for a reason. Long-term controlled studies of this kind of thing aren't really practical, and no pharma company is going to fund one anyway, because the end result of a healthy lifestyle is ... no prescriptions.

Good sleep habits, plenty of water, plenty of fiber, plenty of whole foods - including meat and fat - and plenty of EXERCISE, and it's hard to go wrong.

p.s. I like the open in new window feature. :-)

The Messy Baker said...

Thanks for the shout out, Dan! Much appreciated.

May you ghee never be wimpy!