CK Friday Links--Friday July 26, 2013

Links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts.

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Seduced by the romance of organic farming? (Forbes)

Ever wondered what drives the taste, texture and appearance of your chocolate chip cookies? This brilliant post explains all. (Handle the Heat via Jennifer Baker)

There's a chef shortage in New York City? (NPR)

Bloggers and narcissism. (Totally Together Journal)

More on Michael Pollan's Cooked ...and self-indulgent prose. (Quick Writing Tips)

Sugar is the cover story in August's National Geographic. Hmmm... were they reading Casual Kitchen? (National Geographic)

How to reach your exercise goals while injured. (50by25)

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Melissa said...

The quotes from Cooked made me want to puke. UGH. Are you KIDDING me Pollan?? SO BAD.

Great article on blogging and narcissism. It really touches on many of the thoughts I run through before posting (or sometimes NOT posting) on my tumblr. I also take lessons from others whose blogs tend to annoy or bore me. I don't post the kind of filler that they do and I am usually safe. ;)

Thanks, too, for the sugar article. Toxic, I tell you!

Daniel said...

And that's just a TINY sampling of his nausea-inducing quotes. Nearly one every other page. The things I'll do for my readers. :)

And thanks for your thoughts on the blogging/narcissism article. I think about this issue a lot too. I guess I try to ask myself two (technically three) questions before I start in on a post:

1) Will this article help readers, or at least get them to think a bit differently about something?

2) Do I want this to be a part of my overall body of work?

I still write crap stuff here sometimes, but these questions have at least helped me limit the damage. :)


Sally said...

I knew there was a reason I haven't read Cooked yet. While it might be interesting, there doesn't seem to be anything helpful.

'm aware of one blogger who probably truly is a narcissist. The majority of what she posts is "me, me, me, me, me," and more "me." Her picture could be put next to the dictionary definition.

Laura said...

Dan, thanks for including my post!

Anonymous said...

You've found the holy grail!
The chocolate chip cookie post is pure genius---thanks to 'Handle the Heat' for parsing all the variables in my favorite cookie recipe (though one I never could master until now).
And as always, thanks Dan for sharing it here with your CK readers. Your Friday links rock. :)