CK Friday Links--Friday November 8, 2013

.....aaaand I'm back with more links from around the internet. Thanks, readers, for your patience as I enjoyed a great cross-country road trip last month! As always, I welcome your thoughts.

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With the shutting down of yet another wine magazine, a blogger asks: Can you really make money any more by writing? (1 Wine Dude) [ed: The problem with the economics of writing and blogging is that there are almost no barriers to entry]

Clean eating is a myth. (Impruvism)

Dear Paleo: I quit! (Health-Bent)

De-seed a pomegranate in 10 seconds flat. (Lifehacker)

This four minute video will make you rethink your social life--both online and off. (Elite Daily)

How awful science created a worse national diet... and did nothing to slow obesity trends. (Pacific Standard) Bonus post: Why do we still tip?

Delicious and laughably easy: Sweet Heat Buffalo Shrimp. (Food and Fire)

Low carb and gluten-free! Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. (All Day Long I Dream About Food, via A Sweet Life)

Why did Popular Science nuke commenting? (Popular Science) [ed: Makes me grateful for the high caliber--and good focus--of the commenting here at CK!]

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Melissa said...

The Elite Daily video: I have watched it three times and still can't articulate why I don't agree with it, but I don't. I'll get back to ya. ;)

Daniel said...

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it Melissa. I loves me some good counterpoint. :)


Stuart Carter said...

Elite daily - the core of his thesis is that people are substituting an appearance of friendship for the actuality of it. That people count "likes" or blog comments instead of "people I can call at 3am because I feel down".

I think his thesis has some merit to it. I have seen some folks getting obsessed with "friends" on facebook, while not having any people they can call at 3am... so communications tech is actually depriving us of an essential connection.

Basically... put down the computer or phone, and go out for a beer with someone. You might discover they are a real friend!

Marcia said...

Great links this week.

The writing thing is interesting, as there are so many more options now compared to magazines. I remember reading Women's Sports and Fitness back in the day (the 90's?) and then Conde Nast bought it, ruined it, and shut it down because it wasn't "big enough". I am hoping to see more people start their own, high quality, PDF magazines that I can support. (Tiny House Magazine is an example.)

I sort of disagree with the Clean Eating article because I do think there are foods to avoid. HFCS comes to mind. And I know I am less likely to get sick if I eat a certain way.

I didn't watch the 4 min social video, but I live in a city in California where people tend to be very superficial already.

As far as Gary Taubes... I read a lot about nutrition...I have read him, I have paleo books, vegan books. The most recent book I've read is The Blue Zones. Fascinating read if you want to look at what the longest lived people eat, and see how they live.

chacha1 said...

"Dear Paleo: I Quit" - loved that. I like writers who use links to reference the science, and who cop to the lack of science if they can't find any.

That author sounds a lot like me in her approach, actually, although I don't have IBS.

chacha1 said...

re: actuality of friendship (above comments) just ...

Even my best friends wouldn't call me at 3 a.m. just because they feel down. And I wouldn't call them either.

Calling at 3 a.m. because your apartment is on fire: yes. For emotional gratification: no.

Sally said...

The Sweet Heat Buffalo Shrimp are quite similar to a recipe I make with chicken. The sauce ingredients are nearly identical, just slightly different proportions.

I liked Dear Paleo, I Quit and the Clean Eating article, though I agree with Marcia about HFCS.

Dave said...

A belated thanks for the plug! Glad you liked the shrimp.

Love the LifeHacker tip. My dear wife did this trick in front of the nephews and they were pretty impressed.