CK Friday Links--Friday January 17, 2014

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Extra recipes this week! See below...

Is it absurd to bring your crying 8 month old to a world-famous, ultra-expensive, three-star restaurant? (Jezebel)

Interesting summary of the Master Cleanse, along with details about its creator, Stanley Burroughs. (Calorie Lab)

The journey of an Indian onion. (Jayson Lusk)

The seven core areas of preparedness. (Backwoods Home Magazine)

Business school is a ripoff. (Quartz, via The Aleph Blog) It wasn't for me, but I see the logic of this article.

TL;DR shows self-contempt. You're ignoring the useful in exchange for the short or the amusing. (Seth’s Blog)

Book recommendation of the week: Wrong by David H. Freedman. Insightful book on when (and why) you shouldn’t trust “experts.” Extremely useful and a fairly quick read. Related: my post on Worry Porn.

Healthy, homemade Gummy Candies. (Owlhaven)

20 great low-carb Cookie Recipes. (A Sweet Life)

Easy, delicious: Oyster Stew. (Food and Fire) Bonus: Braised Beef and Noodles

Tortilla Soup: (Mollie Katzen) Dueling textures, chili and spice, and a deep, brick-red broth from Mollie Katzen’s new cookbook The Heart of the Plate. See also CK’s review of The Heart of the Plate here!

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Melissa said...

My friend Paula at The Saucy Southerner asked about the Alinea thing on her page the other day. I will c/p my response:

"I don't particularly like Grant Achatz and I pretty much loathe the concept of fine dining and all it entails. However, I can still concede that it is a thing that others want to do, that they have a right to do, and that doing it is en event, and one that is time-consuming and expensive, and one that has NO room for crying children. So yes, baby bans are fine by me."

Melissa said...

Re. the TL;DR article:

I am quite proud that I have never used TL;DR. If I fear my post is too long, and that people won't want to wade through it (this is especially on tumblr, where you better be damn interesting if you're gonna be long), then it is my responsibility to make it something worth reading. So, I go back and edit, clean up, work on clarity and brevity. Only then do I hit publish.

But, I will not TL;DR myself, i.e., apologize for a long post. If it IS long, as published, it's because I think every word is worth including.

Daniel said...

I hear you Melissa. I don't really know what to think about the baby ban issue. I think there are certain genres of restaurants where it would be completely inappropriate if your baby disrupted a roomful of diners. That said, I have *zero* credibility on this issue not having kids. :)


Unknown said...

For the frugal among us, the Tortilla Soup recipe is also available on Mollie's web site if you need to save the $22. I found her web site through Google.

Daniel said...

Glen, as is the case with all of my Friday links, the words in parentheses will take you to the relevant link. Thus you can find the Tortilla Soup recipe by clicking "(Mollie Katzen)" which takes you to her site. I reworded what I had below to make it easier to see.

And, yep, the recipe is free there. :)


Marcia said...

Well, I had a suspicion when I read about the Alinea thing yesterday, and went to the Jezebel site and read the comments.

And I was right.

Alinea is one of those restaurants where you cannot cancel your reservation. This couple PRE PAID over $500 to get a ticket to this meal. The restaurant does not give refunds or let you cancel your reservation -

In that case, were I not able to "sell" the meal to someone else - I would absolutely have gone and taken the baby. No way I would have lost out on $500. That, for me, is a very special occasion.

Had the restaurant had a more reasonable policy, the result would have been different.

Signed, a parent who has a VERY difficult time keeping babysitters (they keep going to college out of state!) and thus, only gets about 2 date nights a year.

Daniel said...

Great comment Marcia. Who knows: maybe the REAL error this couple made was to decide to prepay $500 for a dinner. ;)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for adding the link to Backwoods Home magazine. It is one of the most underrated magazines on the market for the vast amount of information in each issue. It is full of great articles on cooking, gardening & canning. Subscribers can ask questions of the bloggers also.
As for prepping, there have been MULTIPLE disasters with power outages & lack of water for over a week in just the last year. Canned soups & dinners are not that expensive. May not be the healthiest option always but better than nothing.