CK Friday Links--Friday January 24, 2014

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Baker’s Chocolate blatantly joins the stealth price hike club, reducing their package size by half. Half! (Consumerist) Related: This is when it’s time to adopt some brand disloyalty.

A striking--and conflicted--article about a food blogger’s experience on food stamps. (My Humble Kitchen)

A lonely quest for facts on GMOs. (New York Times)

When you see how winemakers game wine scoring, you'll have one more reason to drink what you like… not what some silly critic says you should like. (1 Wine Dude)

Blogging: Say goodbye to guest blog posts--they'll just hurt your search rankings. (Matt Cutts)

Rethinking media consumption in the "New Yellow Journalism" era. (Farnam Street) Bonus: The impoverishment of our attention.

Book recommendation: The Family Food Project by Edie Shaw-Ewald. An intriguing, interactive e-workbook for mastering meal planning. Extremely useful advice here on how to organize your kitchen, improve your cooking efficiency, and master the preparation of healthy inexpensive food. Edie's work is original and worth a very close look.

Homemade Vanilla Coffee Liqueur. (Baking Bites) Bonus! Double Peanut Butter Quick Bread.

You’d never guess this fancy Linguine with Mussels and Chorizo could be so easy. (80 Breakfasts)

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chacha1 said...

re: Baker's chocolate: owch!

I haven't bought any for years. The last time I did buy some, I did in fact use only 4 oz. But I kept the remainder. It keeps *forever* in the refrigerator, people.

When I finally did take it out to use it up - some 7+ years later - it was just fine.

p.s. the commodities people have been saying for a year that we are due a big price hike in chocolate due to costs of production. The husband and I have a stockpile just in case. :-)

Daniel said...

I'll writing a post right now on the Baker's stealth price hike. I hope to run it on Sunday.

These pricing decisions are anti-consumer and they are a bad long term business policy. The thing about Baker's is the baking chocolate category isn't that competitive in the standard grocery store, so they probably can get away with it.