CK Friday Links--Friday February 14, 2014

Links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts.

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Does giving my son organic food really matter, considering that he's been known to lick the bottom of his shoes? (Slate, via Addicted to Canning)

Forget GMOs. Monsanto is going organic to find the perfect veggie. (Wired)

Marion Nestle gives her preliminary take on the just-passed Farm Bill. (Food Politics)

A side of feminism with your food? (Foodie Underground)

Why it's important to forget goals and focus on systems. (Inc)

On personal finance and class warfare. (The Simple Dollar)

Interesting thoughts on "lifestyle inflation." (Consumerism Commentary)

What's the most BS-sounding-but-true fact you know? (Reddit)

Why Malcolm Gladwell matters... and why that's really unfortunate. (Chris Chabris)

Love muesli? Here's a big batch, low-budget Muesli recipe. (The Family Food Project)

Make your own homemade Energy Bars. (Foodie Underground)

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Stuart Carter said...

Usually I try to avoid the comments, but the ones attached to the Slate article are a goldmine.

"Of what" is left to the discretion of the reader ;)

chacha1 said...

I used to read The Simple Dollar regularly but the comments turned into such a class war (ironically) that I couldn't stand it anymore. This linked article - which I liked! - will probably set off a mushroom cloud over there. :-)

Daniel said...

Agreed on the Simple Dollar. I was often struck by the comparisonitis and class competition among the commenters there.

In fact, when I wrote my Extreme Savings post a while back, I pre-emptively addressed that subject in the footnotes, because I was ready for readers to assume the sample hypothetical income level I used in the post would be seen by some readers as arrogantly high AND by other readers as ridiculously low. Money seems to bring that out in people.


Haveavoice said...

i side with food babe and against corporate poisoning for profit

Daniel said...

Haveavoice: I think you might have meant to put your comment on my "Yoga Mats" post.

But rest assured, everyone else here at CK is "against corporate poisoning for profit" too. It's sort of like being against puppies.