CK Friday Links--Friday February 28, 2014

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“Career waiters or full time bussers are regarded by friends, family, customers, and the business community with pity and dishonor.” (Food Woolf)

The lawyer who wants to sue Big Food for causing obesity tries to clear up "confusion and misrepresentation about his objectives." (Eat Drink Politics)

... but can these obesity lawyers really win? Um, fat chance. (Bloomberg)

Why "portion size" is not to blame for obesity. (Jayson Lusk) Bonus: Should policy makers lie about things like the impact of climate data... if it's for our own good?

How to boil an egg: it's both simple and complicated. (Bon Appetit, via 50x25)

The difference between a pseudo-expert and a real expert. Particularly relevant for domains like investing and personal finance. (Early Retirement Extreme)

Making decisions about mundane details wastes a limited resource: your mental energy. (Harvard Business Review)

What, really, are the advantages of reading novels? (Quora)

"Americans: they're so weirdly optimistic you just can't stay irritated at them." 10 amusing Japanese travel tips for visiting the USA. (Mental Floss)

100 useful economics blogs. (Online Universities Weblog)

An easy, unusual Peanut Butter Rice recipe. (Lisa's Vegetarian Kitchen)

Five out of five stars! Homemade Kimchi. (Food and Fire) Bonus: Gluten-Free Chex Mix

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The Calico Cat said...

I so have to agree about boiling an egg being both simple & easy!

Stuart Carter said...

"we lied to you for your own good".

Thank you for patronising me and thinking I am so stupid I can't understand facts. Now go to hell you liar, I wouldn't even believe you if you said "hello".

Marcia said...

Interesting. I enjoyed the server article. I have been thinking about that subject a lot lately, as the economy sucks.

I recently read a comment by a frugal expert person who said that "Fast Food jobs are for teenagers, adults need to work hard and find a new job." Which shows a really poor understanding of the economy and reality right now. I disagreed and apparently that was enough to get me banned.

Anyway, I was so upset I wrote a whole post on it, asking what is wrong with a minimum wage job? When did certain service jobs become so shameful? They haven' always been shameful

chacha1 said...

thought the piece on reading fiction was interesting. Of course, I read fiction by the boatload so I already knew this, but I thought it was well-stated: concise, yet supported by references.

And not didactic. Not "you should read fiction because" but "people benefit from reading fiction because."