CK Friday Links--Friday May 9, 2014

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Really interesting short video on gendered marketing. Question for readers: Do you find it insulting--or unsurprising--that the “female” version of almost every branded product costs more?

(hat tip: Alosha’s Kitchen)

Opposition to ethanol is growing because biofuels “push up food prices and disproportionately affect the poor.” (Forbes) Related: Ethanol Hurts the Poor

A striking, simple graphic that explains why organic crop yields likely cannot exceed non-organic crop yields. (Jayson Lusk)

The fact is, there has never been solid evidence that saturated fats cause disease. (Wall Street Journal) [Note: if the WSJ’s paywall stops you, just google the article’s title]

Political correctness is just another form of conspicuous consumption. (Institute of Economic Affairs)

Intriguing article on our preoccupation with overprotecting and over-monitoring our kids. (The Atlantic)

Musings on getting older and living in a popular culture designed to make you feel inadequate. (Lefsetz Letter)

An acquaintance of mine decided to shut down her startup, losing $640k of her investors’ money. This is the post she wrote afterward. Readers, what’s your reaction? (

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Stuart Carter said...

the post from Erica about shutting down her startup left a bad taste in my mouth. Why didn't she put the company up for sale rather than just flushing it down the toilet?

The Calico Cat said...

I'm sort of angered by the fact that female gendered products are more costly... My friend uses a "male" tool box for her sewing supplies. We've hd a laugh over the fact that if they had sold it in the sewing department that they could have charged more. (Which is why I am only sort of angered. We know it is happening, but we support it through our purchases.