Two Second Sangria

Have you ever been in a mood for a quick glass of sangria… when all you've got is just regular red wine? Or are you the kind of person who doesn't especially like red wine--especially dry reds--but that's all there is available?

Well readers, you're in luck: I have a brilliant solution for you, thanks to my very clever cousin Karen:

Go ahead and pour that red wine. And then top it off with a generous splash of orange juice.

That expression of disbelief you have on your face right now? It's exactly the face I made at my cousin when she first told me about the idea. It just seemed wrong, somehow, to add orange juice to red wine.

Then I tried it.

And it literally tastes like sangria, with just the right mix of sweetness, citrus flavor and dryness. I couldn't believe it.

Two seconds. That's all you need. Splash some OJ into that glass of red!

Two Second Sangria

1) Fill a glass 2/3 full with any red wine (white wine works too by the way).
2) Top off with orange juice.
3) Wipe that expression of disbelief off your face and enjoy!

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David Somerville said...

That certainly counts as a Minimalist recipe, Daniel!

Daniel said...

David, heh, you can say that again. :)


Rebecca said...

In Spain, I drank a lot of wine spritzers, called tinto de verano. Red wine plus sprite or lemon fanta, it's like training wheels for beginning wine drinkers!

chacha1 said...

my problem with this is that I always have red wine in the house, but almost never have orange juice!