CK Links--Friday July 11, 2014

Links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts.

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Americans are eating all the wrong kinds of calories. (Wonk Blog)

Cereals are now trumpeting extra protein. It's all marketing. (Food Politics)
See also from CK's archives: How cereal companies hide sugar in plain sight.

Why you shouldn't fall for The Food Babe’s "quackmail." (Forbes)
Related: readers may recall CK discussing Vani's inability to grasp both logic and chemistry in my post on the Subway/Yoga Mat controversy.

The Food Babe’s “thorazine deficient writing” is the aspartame of medical understanding. (Science-Based Medicine, via Jayson Lusk)

Doctors struggle--really struggle--with health statistics too. (BBC, via Addicted to Canning)

Three more food related items you don’t have to throw away… including strawberry tops? (Life Your Way)

Benefits of cholesterol in your diet. Oh, and a side-benefit: yet another reason never to read Time Magazine. (Healthy Home Economist)

An inspiring (and realistic) before-and-after story of a guy adopting an unprocessed diet. (Mark’s Daily Apple)

The pros and cons of cheat days. (Daily Burn)

It’s shocking what that iPad does to your kid’s brain. (2machines, via OwlHaven)

Money is more about mind than it is about math. (Get Rich Slowly)

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Marcia said...

Especially great round up of links this week. I occasionally read something from Food Babe, and could never put my finger on why it bugged me.

Daniel said...

Thanks Marcia! Really appreciate the feedback.

And yes, the Food Babe traffics in fear, essentially. It would have been better for her readers if she had maybe paid better attention during 10th grade chemistry class.


Sally said...

If you're going to be critical of Time Magazine for reporting on the harmful effects of dietary cholesterol, then you should also be critical of the overwhelming majority of physicians and the American Heart Association among others. Extremely few doubted the findings.

Even now some "experts" say this is nothing more than good news about bad habits and should be disregarded.

Daniel said...

I hear it Sally. I've shared quite a few Friday links posts over the past few months from physicians and others who are wrapping their minds the more recent discoveries in this area. Science can move very slowly sometimes.

The media on the other hand usually moves too quickly and brings us to alarmist or outright false conclusions.