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After a dozen or so diets, I came to the obvious conclusion. The easy answers that I wanted to hear weren't the real answers at all. (The Telegraph)

Lay off the almond milk, you ignorant hipsters! (Mother Jones)

CK readers, you were right all along! "The more informed you are, the more likely you choose store brands." (Bloomberg, via Addicted to Canning)

"Food prices have soared." "No they haven't." Worthwhile in part to show how data can be hilariously easy to spin. (Carpe Diem)
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Even the ancient Romans avoided local foods. (Rachel Lauden, via Jayson Lusk)
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"...almost no humans are able to force themselves to see honestly and without substantial bias on all topics." (Overcoming Bias)

Statistically significant studies... aren't significant. (Pacific Standard)

Now, I don't begrudge people the opportunity to make mistakes. (Lacking Ambition)

20 recommended books that will make you smarter. And richer. (Farnam Street)

Had this been illegal in 1972, every mother in America would be in jail. (Bloomberg)

When I found out that every single one of my neighbors for the past 10 years didn't have to pay a cent for their house, my reaction was, why bother trying so hard? (Financial Samurai)

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Marcia said...

Great round up this week. I can't help but wonder about the woman who was arrested for letting her 9 year old play in the park. On a messge board, I made a comment that the only reason I don't let my 8 year old stay in the car at the grocery store is that I'm afraid I'll be arrested.

I was told what a terrible mother I am. I mean. He's 8. It's the grocery store 1 mile from our house, 2 blocks from his school. Right next to the fro-yo place, the Starbucks, the bagel place, the Mexican place, that we go to often. He walks past it often when the school goes on field trips to the park or the beach. And he's 8. He can get out of the car, and come into the store. I cannot imagine. Some people insisted they wouldn't leave their 13 year old alone in the car. Wait, what?

Daniel said...

I could hardly believe that article--of course I'm much more out of touch on this issue (trend?) since I don't have children. But yeah, the contrast between what I did when I was growing up was striking to say the least.


Sally said...

Not only can something bad happen anywhere, it can also happen with parents present. I often wonder if the world really is a more dangerous place or if it's just that we know more about and are more aware of the dangers.