CK Links--Friday August 22, 2014

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30 healthy and delicious low-carb zucchini recipes. (A Sweet Life)

An excellent (and free!) e-course on making homemade sausage. (BBQ Dry Rubs)

Why in our culture do we go to excess in our pursuit of wellness? (A Country Doctor Writes)

I'll never use a hotel room iron again after seeing this post. (Best Reviews)

Maybe "slacktivisim" isn't as pointless as it seems. (Seth Godin)

The Stoics would say "Forget lifehacks. Instead, develop a coherent philosophy of life." Insights from the author of the exceptional book A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy. (21st Century Stoic)

I helped bankroll my brother... and came to regret it. (The Week)

A little known, very cool thing about Robin Williams. (Brian Lord)

Many, many reasons to be cheerful. (Matt Ridley)

"The more eager we are to show others that we care, the less eager we are to do things that both help us and help others." (Overcoming Bias)

How to get luckier. (99U, via 50by25)

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Ah Moderation. Why are you so hard??