CK Links--Friday November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to my USA-based readers! Here are some interesting links from around the internet... to aid you in digestion. As always, I welcome your thoughts.

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Disdain for math puts consumers at a disadvantage. (Eating Rules, via Simply Cooked)

There's little evidence that milk "does a body good." (The Incidental Economist)

Intriguing study: the primary regulator of saturated fat levels in your blood is the carbohydrates in your diet. (Ohio State University, via Addicted to Canning)

"Real food is cheaper than processed food. It doesn't have to be organic; it doesn't have to come from the farmer's market. You can eat well and improve your diet dramatically simply by making that change." (Audubon Magazine)

"I wanted to save the planet. I was definitely on the moral high ground. Or was I?" (Matt Ridley)

Free speech is so last century. (The Spectator)

Provocative argument against "totalitolerance." (Ex-Army)

Downsizing, decluttering, and giving my brain permission to forget. (Steve Pavlina)

Useful, insightful post on "outcome bias." (ValueWalk)

On the absurdity of self-righteousness. (Brain Pickings)

Where is that 3rd dimension? Show us! Point to it! (Carl Sagan on Youtube)

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chacha1 said...

That OSU study report is very interesting. Haven't there been studies showing that eating (real) oatmeal regularly helps lower blood cholesterol? To me it makes sense that the TYPE of carbohydrate could potentially make a big difference.

Without seeing a breakdown of what was in the controlled diet in the study, it's hard to know precisely how to relate it to individual dietary adjustments. Pretty sure, despite the sponsors of the study, OSU would not go so far as to recommend the All Steak & Eggs diet. :-)

Daniel said...

Good question. I think the benefit from oatmeal was the fact that it has a ton of fiber, not so much that it contained any particular kind of carb. Definitely an extremely interesting study.


chacha1 said...

ah, but soluble and insoluble fibers *are* types of carbohydrate.

this is one reason people who concentrate only on total carbohydrate often end up with too much sugar and starch in their diets. :-)

now that nutrition labels break out sugars, it's getting easier. but it takes some doing to really figure out with manufactured foods.

Daniel said...

Interesting! I hear you.