CK Links--Friday February 6, 2015

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Food and health:
Monica Bhide's advice for aspiring food writers. (About Food)

McDonalds made great strides in improving its reputation, the transparency of its food supply chain, and the amount of healthy options on its menu. Cynical middle class consumers don't care. (Harvard Business Review)

The CDC tells us that it’s better to lose weight slowly and gradually. They're wrong.
(Mark’s Daily Apple)

Intriguing article on why testosterone is the drug of the future. (Fusion)

This is how outbreaks occur. It isn't complicated, really. (The Incidental Economist)

Here's why you should drink *only* de-deuterated bottled water. Before you ask: yes, this is satire. At least, I hope so. (West Hunter)

Other topics:
The big lie about our 5.6% unemployment rate. (Gallup)

Wait: no really, the unemployment data isn't the conspiracy you think it is. (Fortune)

What happened to the disappearing middle class? Turns out a surprisingly high percentage of them "disappeared" into higher income groups. (Carpe Diem)

Living a life filled with "micro-quests." (Art of Non-Conformity)

My constraints got the better of me. (SaintSal)

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Marcia said...

That weight loss one was interesting. Funny how times change.

I started watching a show called "Downsize Me" that aired for a season. I think it's from New Zealand? And it aired in 2006.

The meals the people eat to try to lose weight are pretty standard these days. Fruit, nuts, yogurt for breakfast, and definitely lower carb and higher veggie for dinner.

I read a criticism of the show that suggested the "lower carb" was wrong, and the speed at which the people were losing weight was too fast and not healthy, and that "there is no connection between sugar intake and diabetes as is claimed by the show."

Anyway. On a personal level, I lost 26 pounds last year (still going) and it was MUCH more effective if I went faster, i.e., if I cut my carbs/starch (not fruit) back to 1-2 servings a day, mostly beans and potatoes.

Daniel said...

Totally agreed Marcia. Just like with the Food Pyramid, right? Amazing how much received wisdom, how many dietary guidelines, and how much "confidently bestowed" expert advice turns out to be just... wrong.

Once again, it makes you wonder what we believe *now* that will ultimately turn out to be wrong too.