CK Links--Friday March 27, 2015

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Fascinating article about the creator of Cheez Whiz, and how his creation slowly evolved into "pseudo-cheese." (National Post)

Seven quick low-carb breakfast ideas. (A Sweet Life)

Your vitamins... aren't really vitamins. From the Author of Vitamania. (Slate)

Soda taxes have no effect on consumption. (Washington Post)

If California voters don't want to be forced to buy cage free eggs, why in the world did they vote for a cage-free egg bill? Why is there such a gap between how people vote and how they shop? (Jayson Lusk)

Thoughts on heat intensity and cooking. (Beyond Salmon)

Should websites shut down comments? No way. (David Jaxon)

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Why markets are smarter than even the smartest, most high-integrity central planners. (Ben Casnocha)

China used more cement between 2011-2013 than the USA used across the entire 20th Century. (WonkBlog)

The life and death of blogs. (Early Retirement Extreme)

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