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There are good reasons to be optimistic about our ability to meet the food requirements of the projected 9-10 billion people on our planet by the middle of this century. (GMO School)

Even if your calorie counts are off, it's still incredibly helpful to count calories and track your food intake. Here's why. (My Fitness Pal)

We've reached a point of diminishing returns with food safety. (New York Times)

Does "science" belong on our dinner plates? Nope, wrong question. (Science 2.0, via Jayson Lusk)

How do "notoriously low-margin" restaurants scramble to deal with a much higher minimum wage? Note the extraordinary fallacy in this article's final paragraph. (NPR)

Bone broth is a joke. (First We Feast)

Consumers increasingly believe organic labeling is just an excuse to charge more. (Time)

Related: "Organic" is just another aspirational product.

Most products are made from the same basic staples, just like food. Put them together yourself instead of relying on companies to sell them to you at higher cost. (Early Retirement Extreme)

Financial advice that needs to die. (The Simple Dollar)

Book recommendation: The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck. One reviewer describes this book as "not just a book but a spontaneous act of generosity." I agree, wholeheartedly. A deeply insightful book about personal growth, psychology and mental health, and the most useful book I've read so far this year.

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chacha1 said...

The rant against "bone broth" is pretty funny. :-)

I make my own stock a couple of times a year, basically whenever I have a carcass from a Greenberg's Smoked Turkey, and let me assure you that broth does not have just a "slightly meaty taste."

Personally, I like a highly collagenated stock - mine looks like Jello once it's set up - and it is an unbeatable base for homemade soup.

I don't skim the fat out, either. It's yummy.

Lauren said...

Yeah, another friendly dissension about the bone broth thing here. It's a bad title; stock is great. Paying exorbitant sums for a cup of watery stock on the promise of intangible health effects, well, that's snake oil. This is what happens when people take ONE aspect of a traditional cuisine out of the broader context and lionize it (the Mediterranean Diet and how olive oil was going to save us all?). Stock is practical, frugal, tasty... IF you are running a real food kitchen. It's bizarrely anachronistic in a fast food lifestyle.