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Never waste mustard again! Instead, use this brilliant mustard vinaigrette hack. (Very Culinary, via Alosha's Kitchen)

How to rotisserie a pineapple. From the author of Rotisserie Grilling. (Dad Cooks Dinner)

Meet the 100-year-old scientist to led the charge to ban artificial transfats. (Washington Post)

Why the co-founder of Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood inspires me. (Appetite for Profit)

What we eat and drink can have a powerful effect on our ability to focus, mental clarity, mood, and stress levels. (DailyOM)

Interesting discussion on how the FDA regulates the food industry's use of specific words like "healthy." (Fooducate)

"I am not drinking any ******* merlot!" More reasons why expensive wine is for suckers. (Youtube)

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I fooled millions into thinking chocolate helps weight loss. (iO9)

Regular people probably should not read this post. (Wall Street Playboys)

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