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Why is the FDA still not sure what counts as "natural"? (NPR)

Further proof that there will never be a shortage of worry porn, ever: because now "toast causes cancer." (Telegraph)

Related: Here's your permanent cure for worry porn. (Casual Kitchen)

You're out of shape, you go to a difficult spinning class, and you come down with a case of rhabdomyolysis. It's definitely the gym's fault, right? Right? (Vogue)

See also: Apparently it's Crossfit’s fault too when a gym-goer's slender arms swell into "plump hotdogs of ache and regret." (HuffPo)

Very interesting (and readable!) post on correcting for various forms of statistical bias. Keeps you humble when you see sciency-sounding numbers "proving" something. (Andrew Gelman)

Bonus! Why I find instrumental liars disturbing but I find pathological liars scary. (Andrew Gelman)

Useful post on the psychology of persuasion, based on Robert Cialdini's brilliant book Influence. (Farnam Street)

Stoicism defends itself from the typical misunderstandings of the philosophy. (Stoicism and the Art of Happiness)

The hotel industry is starting to look a lot like the consumer products industry: zillions of brands, but just a few companies controlling them all. (NY Times)

Mom and Pop investors have enormous advantages of their own. Here they are. (The Big Picture)

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