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These five foods used to be bad for you. Now, they're not. (Quartz)

Why do some restaurant cuisines cost way more than others? From the author of the new book The Ethnic Restaurateur. (WNYC)

Related: "The basic frame of what is American food is falling apart right now. It's a great creative moment." (Washington Post)

The less contact Americans have with farmers, the more afraid they become of food—GMOs and gluten and whatnot. (Jayson Lusk)

Borrowing from the world of pharmacology, I think of exercise as a "dose:" too little has no significant effect while too much is harmful. (Fat Burning Man)

"Context Collapse" at Facebook. (Rough Type)

Naive realism and why we (delusionally) believe we're objective. (Tim Harford)

Why you should read more books, more history, fewer articles and even fewer forecasts. (Motley Fool)

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Melissa said...

Loved the article from Fat Burning Man. I am not sure I believe every quick conclusion he came to, but I do think there is some validity to changing things up. I am stuck in a rut right now and not at all happy with the fat around my middle. Perhaps I will try a month of every other day alternating easy runs and sprints and see what effect it has. Thanks for the article!

Daniel said...

Yep, gotta keep your body guessing Melissa! ;) You're welcome!