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Pseudoscience and misinformation in the annual Dirty Dozen fruits and veggies list. (Food Insight)

Transparency and herbal supplements. (The Herbal Consumer)

"The narcissism of small differences." (Grant McCracken)

Geneticists find people who should have devastating diseases... but don't. We have a lot to learn about disease genetics. (Ars Technica)

"The problem with science is so much of it simply isn't." Long, but very worth it. (First Things)

This classic Times Magazine article from the 1990s made a surprisingly compelling case that recycling is a net waste of resources. (New York Times Magazine) (It also generated a record amount of hate mail, which proved an interesting secondary point of the article.)

Intriguing article on privacy in the era of drones. (Consumer Reports)

Travel and the art of losing friends. (Nomadic Matt, via Climb the Rainbow)

How to have enough. (Dividend Growth Investor)

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