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Food Links:
Eleven interesting Thai-style recipes! (Kalyn's Kitchen)

How to buy salmon. (Leite's Culinaria)

Understanding--and minimizing--the risks of eating raw sushi at home. (Beyond Salmon)

Warren Buffett likes Coca-Cola, drinks quite a lot of it, and considers it a marvelous product. Marion Nestle explains to us how this was a "gaffe." (Food Politics)

It's time to reconsider the egg, and stop letting others decide what we eat. (Ruhlman)

Fasting diets gain acceptance. (NY Times)

Related: A primer on intermittent fasting. (Casual Kitchen)

General Links:
"Is science bullshit? No, but there’s a lot of bullshit out there masquerading as science." Amusing and highly useful short video. (Last Week Tonight)

"Even in my most Orwellian paranoia I never dreamed that content holders, like Apple, would also reach into your computer and take away what you already owned." (Vellum)

A few simple tips (and sites) to keep a watchlist for e-books that you'd like to buy but are priced too high. (The Passive Voice)

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