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Useful timesaving cooking tips from real life line cooks. (Thrillist)

A study linking fat babies to Diet Coke reveals everything that's wrong with dietary and epidemiological studies today. (Jayson Lusk)

Bonus: Why a "no added hormones" label on pork or chicken is truthful ...but misleading in a surprising way. (Jayson Lusk)

On the dominance of Allrecipes, and why the gap between the food we cook and the food we talk about has never been larger. (Slate)

The media always gets this wrong about maintaining weight loss. (Greatist)

How breakfast became a thing. (Priceonomics)

If you're a kid wanting to open up a little lemonade stand in Austin, TX… here's your long list of regulations, requirements and fees. Kind of depressing. (Marginal Revolutions)

Fascinating post on "aphantasia"--the inability to form visual images in the mind. (Blake Ross)

Forget Photoshop. It's camera angles that make you look thin (or fat) in photos. Really interesting. (Bustle)

Social networking algorithms are boosting conspiracy theories... and distorting reality. (FastCoexist)

"Financial impotence has many of the characteristics of sexual impotence, not least of which is the desperate need to mask it." (Atlantic)

Mr. Money Mustache does a good job exposing some of the fallacies and biases in the above Atlantic article. There are a lot of 'em. (Mr. Money Mustache)

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