CK Links--Friday June 3, 2016

A quick update for readers: I'll be travelling for the month of June, so I'll put Casual Kitchen on a brief hiatus while I'm away. I might do an occasional Friday Links post, time permitting, but you can count on seeing new articles and a return to CK's normal schedule in July. See you then!

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And now, on to the links!

We’ll start with a few CK-worthy recipes:
A Barley Salad that goes with everything. (Ahaar)

Spicy Roasted Cauliflower. (Chow and Chatter)

German Potato Salad. (Budget Bytes)

True hospitality is subtle. (The Kitchn)

What the Amish understand about modern medicine that the rest of us don't. (Quartz)

Sobering article on the many unexpected negative interactions of antidepressant meds. (A Country Doctor Writes)

Gardeners! How to re-pot seedlings, plus a "duh" bonus tip. (Backyard Farming)

Embracing being wrong and avoiding "doubt avoidance." (Farnam Street)

A sneak peak at how your actions will likely change once you reach financial security. (Wall Street Playboys)

The beginning of the end of capitalism as a "blunt object," measuring GDP in units of things like steel and grain. (Grant McCracken)

Life-changing experiences in a sensory deprivation chamber. (Stephen Guise)

"Ironically, if today's rules for historical preservation had been in place in the past the buildings that some now want to preserve would never have been built at all." (Marginal Revolution)

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