CK Links--Friday November 11, 2016


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More sleep = fewer junk food cravings. Here's why. (Shape)

A class action lawsuit against McCormick Spices for "non-functional slack fill." Do you think it's justified? (NPR)

Related: Only a fool throws out spices after six months. (Casual Kitchen)

With U-turns on "recommended" healthcare screenings like PSA tests and mammography, and with so many of our favorite prescriptions barely better than placebos, do we physicians today face a credibility problem? (A Country Doctor Writes)

Bonus: If 911 worked like a medical office phone system. (A Country Doctor Writes)

Be warned about these faulty Wall Street assumptions. (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Why it's good to have cranes in your city. (A VC)

The author of Antifragile (great book, read it!) explains why strength training helps us with random--even extreme--events. (Nicholas Taleb)

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