A Reprise of Your Money Or Your Life

Readers, I'm going to do something a little bit unusual this January: I'll be re-running my chapter-by-chapter companion series on the magnificent book Your Money Or Your Life.

I've been thinking about this series lately. Your Money Or Your Life influenced Laura and me enormously, to the point where we read it together twice: first in 2002, and then again in 2012. It was during our 2012 re-reading that I decided to write this series to chronicle my experiences and reactions to the book as I went through each chapter.

What resulted was a series that was extremely well-received by readers, and I'm as proud of it as I am of anything I've written here at Casual Kitchen.

Well, that was five years ago. And after five years, even the most salient insights from the very best books fade from memory. In blogging, of course, five years is an eternity: you can't find anything buried under five years of posts. And, finally, as an interesting coincidence, I've got a couple of friends who, right now, happen to be working though the book for the very first time.

So, this series as is much for me as it is for you, and for CK's newer readers too: I want to go over this book once again, and you're all invited to come along.

Read the book and read this series. Your financial life will take an enormous leap forward--and you'll never look back.

Tomorrow I'll start with the first installment, and I'll run a post every other day give or take for the rest of the month. Enjoy! And as always, thank you for reading.

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Anonymous said...

Ok my friend...I'm in...I've never read it, so let's go. - Grid