Winding It Down: Update for Casual Kitchen Readers

This is just a quick note to readers to let you all know that I'll be publishing a lot less frequently here at Casual Kitchen as I start up work on some other projects.

There's a few more things I'd still like to do here: strip down and simplify the layout, organize a guide for readers new to the site, put together a longer-form work based on some of Casual Kitchen's key topics, fix the ad units so I can monetize the site a little less incompetently, and so on.

But after more than ten years, 3.3 million pageviews (and counting) and well over a thousand articles, I'm (finally!) running out of things to say here. It's time to let this project go... and start something else.

Casual Kitchen has been a really fun writing project, one that exceeded anything I ever, ever expected. I hope readers have learned a few things over the course of this blog's life; I know I have by writing it.

Let me thank you, readers, for your all your support and interest!


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PJ said...

Noooooo!!!!!! I've learned so much from you! Thank you for all you've contributed over the years. I enjoy your writing, and I hate to see you go.

Jeremy said...

Oh no! I've been a quiet but regular reader for a large chunk of those ten years. Thanks for introducing me to so many new ways of thinking.


Jasmine said...

I've been a visitor here for years - always enjoy what you have to say! And the simple layout of your blog ... that's always nice in a sea of a million pictures and fancy fonts. Thanks and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes on your new endeavors & thank you for all the work and thoughts you have put into Casual Kitchen. It has always been an enjoying read/visit & I always enjoy coming back to reread older posts.

Unknown said...

Would love some sort of index to the top posts for Dan Koontz wisdom!

Saqib Ramzan said...

best wishes

Unknown said...

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